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Communities must adapt to and overcome the challenges presented by an ever-changing world. While global warming, depletion of fossil fuels, social inequities, economic stagnation, and degradation of natural resources may seem like daunting problems to address, new technologies and human willingness to develop innovative solutions will allow engaged individuals from all walks of life to contribute to the creation of a stronger community and a better world.

In order to provide current and future residents with a high quality of life, Middlesex County strives to sustain a vibrant economy, an engaged society, and a healthy environment. Considering that conventional solutions to problems in one of these areas tend to negatively impact another, the County can improve the quality of life experienced by residents. By recognizing the interdependence of each of these systems – the economy, society, and the environment – we can make more informed decisions that provide long term benefits to the community as a whole. 



Understanding the need to strategically pursue solutions that support these systems, Middlesex County developed the Sustainable Middlesex Plan to assess current conditions and identify actions that will help us achieve a sustainable community. While we compose only one county in one of smallest states in nation, our actions are reflected in other communities pursuing sustainability, and together we can generate a significant collective impact. Because the County recognizes that local action is essential to not only maintaining a high quality of life for residents but also reaching regional or global sustainability goals, we are committed to implementing the Sustainable Middlesex Plan.

We encourage you to navigate our website and learn more about the Sustainable Middlesex Plan. We hope that you share this information with your friends, family, co-workers, community, and children as this is a great learning opportunity for everyone to discover how we are working to make our society more sustainable. We look forward to any feedback you may have in regards to our course of action.

-Freeholder H. James Polos, Chairman, Sustainability and Green Initiatives Freeholder Carol Barrett, Co-Chair, Sustainability and Green Initiatives Committee



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